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ReSwitched Community Rules

These are the rules, guidelines and code of conduct for participation in the ReSwitched community.


Breaking these rules will result in immediate action, and they are enforced strictly.

:!: Notice: The rules aren't there to allow us to god-mod over everyone. Even staff will exercise caution over prejudice, but will act swiftly when necessary.

The staff acts in the best interest of you, as an individual and as a community.
Do not assume that we act in bad faith because we enforce these rules to you - it is likely that your behavior made our actions necessary. Please understand.

Don't whine in public - as per rule 3, do talk privately to staff if you must discuss a staff action.

1. Read the rules.

  • Read all the rules before participating in chat. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
  • It's suggested that you read channel topics, pins, and #vvv-faq before asking questions as well, as some questions may have already been answered in those.

2. Be nice to each other.

It's fine to disagree, it's not fine to insult or attack other people.

  • You may disagree with anyone or anything you like, but you should try to keep it to opinions, and not people.
    • Avoid vitriol. Flame-wars will be shut down the moment we notice them.
  • Constant antagonistic behavior is considered uncivil and appropriate action will be taken.
  • The use of derogatory slurs – sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise – is unacceptable and may be grounds for an immediate ban.

3. Staff will handle issues directly.

We have at least one staff member available at all times. Staff have colored roles, and online staff are usually above the other users in the sidebar.

  • If you have concerns about another user, please take up your concerns with a staff member (someone with a colored role in the sidebar) in private. Don't publicly call other users out.
  • If you have concerns with a staff or moderation action, do not complain about it in public. Take up your issues with the staff.
  • If you feel that you were wrongly kicked, banned, or otherwise removed from the community, and you cannot contact the staff, fill out an appeals form and we will try get back to you soon enough.
  • Going to other communities and making a scene about a staff action, especially one against you, will not favor you in an appeal, and may count against you in rule 5.
  • If you need to discuss something privately with all staff, inform a staff member. We will open a channel for your input.
    • This also counts for, if you need to discuss a vulnerability or exploit you have discovered, in private.
  • We will maintain a best effort of confidentiality among staff. However, if one staff member is contacted about a ReSwitched issue, all staff members may be made aware of your concerns, in order to work together towards a solution or resolution.

4. We will global-ping.

Global pings are an easy way to be notified of especially important news regarding Switch homebrew.

We ask that you not suppress global pings if you wish to make use of homebrew tools and participate in ReSwitched, however we understand that people are typically not happy with having their Discord light up.

All other news, which doesn't require mass-notification, is posted to the #news channel.

4a. @everyone mentions

  • From time to time, we may mention @everyone in the server.
  • We do this when we feel something important is going on that requires attention.
  • Important things include, but are not limited to: community changes, new developments in Switch hacking, time-critical announcements, and hardware or software changes which may jeopardize the possibility of future homebrew.

4b. @here mentions

  • From time to time, we may mention @here in the server.
  • We do this when there is something that we need community participation for, such as analysis of console data, or a pre-release which we are running through final QA.

4c. Miscellaneous

  • Staff will not abuse this to unnecessarily or randomly ping people.
    • The rate by which we issue global mentions, is typically once or twice a month.
  • To disable notifications for these pings, suppress them in “ReSwitched server menu → Notification Settings”.
  • When a global ping happens, the channel it occurred in will be temporarily locked down to avoid noise from random users.
    • Don't use other channels to discuss the ping, unless it's appropriate to do so.
  • Complaining about these pings may result in a ban.

5. No raids.

Don't brigade, raid, or otherwise attack other people or communities. Don't discuss participation in these attacks. This may warrant an immediate permanent ban.

6. Maintain quality, suppress noise.

  • Don't spam.
  • Channels may be locked down, in the event that a discussion or argument gets out of hand, or if there is an attack or spammer present, or if we need to get the attention of users in the channel quickly (including with a global mention.
    • When a channel is locked down, especially if it is because of an argument or off-the-handle discussion, do not bring the topic to another channel.
      • Doing so will result in moderation action against you and/or your posts.
  • Off-topic content goes to #off-topic.
    • Keep low-quality content like memes and shitposting out of the other channels.
    • #off-topic is also for high quality discussion. ;)
    • Access to the #off-topic channel is through the “@Community” role, and…
      • is given to users, by staff, when we feel that you are contributing positively to the community and the quality of discussion, and are participating well.
      • is not given by request.
      • is not given based on any particular contribution (e.g., to a dump request, or to the wiki, code, or by reporting a bug.).
      • is given to you, the user, when we feel that you have earned it.
      • can be removed from anyone, for any reason, absolutely arbitrarily.
      • may be reinstated, if we feel you've continued to earn it.
      • will be removed permanently, if you are breaking the rules, or the community guidelines or code of conduct.
      • may be removed from many or all people at a time, especially if the channel is too crowded, or that the conversation is worthy of a lockdown.
    • Not having access to #off-topic is not an excuse for posting off topic stuff in other channels.
      • If you feel the need to post off-topic random things not related to Switch hacking, and you aren't going to participate in ReSwitched and be well-behaved enough to get access to #off-topic, don't waste our time; join another community.
  • This server primarily speaks English, and we expect that you communicate clearly.
    • Don't speak exclusively in 1337-speak or emoji/emoticons or some other code. It's not clever, it makes you illegible.
    • We will try our best to understand you, if English is not your first language, or if you do not speak it well or at all, and you rely on Google Translate or other machine translation. We try to remain accessible and friendly.
      • However, if you do break the other rules, we will still enforce the rules, regardless.

7. Do not evade the rules.

  • These rules are enforced in spirit, not strict letter.
  • You are not a lawyer here. Rules-lawyering and arguing about the rules in response to being warned or otherwise moderated against, will not help your case, and may result in further penalties.
    • If you do need to discuss a change or error in the rules, see Rule 3.
  • Trying to evade, look for loopholes, or stay borderline within the rules will be treated as breaking them.

​8. No piracy.

  • Absolutely no piracy.
  • Do not participate in piracy.
  • Do not illegally share copyrighted material in this server or community.
  • Do not aid others in sharing or downloading copyrighted material.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy and we will enforce this strictly and swiftly.
  • Don't even joke about it. It would be embarrassing for the both of us if you were joking about being a pirate, and we took it seriously and wrongfully banned you.
  • Keys and dumps are copyrighted material. Fragments of keys or dumps are copyrighted material.
    • If you need to verify one of your keys or other dumps against someone else's, or a known-good copy, post a hash of the material.
  • For the sake of argument, there are copyrighted works which are under license to be re-shared freely. This does not restrict or forbid those from being shared, or otherwise add or remove restrictions to any license to a user to own, distribute, share, or use a work or other material.
    • “copyrighted material” refers to any materials for which the copying and redistribution thereof, is forbidden to the user who has a copy.

9. Maintain an acceptable profile.

  • Don't use profile pictures or nicknames with a clear trolling and/or offensive purpose while in this server.
  • Failing to change your profile picture/nickname when requested so by the staff will result in appropriate staff action.
  • Particularly offensive nicknames/profile pictures (hate symbols or names, slurs, etc.) may be grounds for an immediate ban.
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