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Frequently Asked Questions about ReSwitched

This page is a general FAQ that should answer most of the common questions about ReSwitched, its intentions, purpose, etc.

What is ReSwitched?

ReSwitched is a team of skilled reversers, exploit implementers, vulnerability sleuths, programmers, a community of people of varying capabilities to provide support and feedback, and our tools.
Our most valued, beloved tools. <3

We all have one thing in common: We have fun breaking things.

How do I contribute to ReSwitched?

Please see here for more information about contributing to ReSwitched.

Will ReSwitched help me hack my console so I can get free games?

Absolutely not. As stated on our homepage, ReSwitched does not support piracy in any way, shape or form. ReSwitched will attempt to ensure that our exploits allow homebrew without permitting piracy.

Is ReSwitched working on/with "new" firmwares?

(aka "Do you have secret exploits that you're not telling us about?)

tl;dr: Not yet. Honest.

ReSwitched is currently using PegaSwitch for escalated vulnerability research, which targets System Software 2.0. Unfortunately, consoles with this particular revision aren't common, and there's no current known entrypoint on launch firmware, 1.0.

While finding vulnerabilities on current and future firmware revisions is important, writing an exploit on a version where we have a suitable entrypoint and vulnerabilities (as is the case with Pegaswitch, 2.0) will enable us to find vulnerabilities on, and write exploits for, current and later versions easier.

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