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Formatting Guidelines for the ReSwitched Wiki

Detailed in this document is a set of general guidelines for contributing to the wiki. ReSwitched uses DokuWiki; more information about DokuWiki is available here.



  • Every page should be within its proper namespace. Available namespaces are hardware, info, meta, and software.
  • Pages should be structured like this:
====== Title header ======
**Bolded subtitle, if necessary**
General description of this page's purpose.
===== Sub-header for a specific section =====
General description of the specific subtopic. 
==== Sub-sub-header ====
General description of this sub-sub topic. More sub-* sections can be added as necessary by removing a = from both sides of the header.  
  * This will generate a bulleted list
  * Bulleted list item #2
  * #3, etc.
  - This will generate an ordered (numbered) list.
  - Ordered list item #2 
  - #3, etc.
Blocks of code can be inserted by indenting by two spaces.
Internal links look like this: [[namespace:page|name change, if necessary]]
External links look like this: [[|External Link]]
Citations look like this: Information to be cited((Citation here, can be text, a link, etc.))
Tables look like this:
^Column 1^Column 2^Column 3^
|row 1, c1|row 1, c2|row 1, c3|
|row 2, c1|row 2, c2|row 2, c3|
|blank spaces:| | |
Tables left blank must have a space entered, like this: | |. Without a space (||), the adjacent table will be allowed to bleed into it. 
Embedded images look like this:
{{ ::file_name.extension?resolution|descriptor}}, for example:
{{ ::img_4240.jpg?200|stuff}}
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