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 ===== Recent News ===== ===== Recent News =====
-''​2017-10-01'': ​We have announced several new releases [[octrelease|Read more »]]+''​2018-03-05'': ​**A massive undertaking is underway to redraft this wiki. Don't mind the few bumps.**
-''​2017-03-13'':​ We are proud to announce [[https://​​|PegaSwitch. Read more »]]+Everything is still in its place you can use the history tool in the right-hand sidebar ​to view an earlier version of this page and navigate from there.
-===== Important Pages ===== +We thank you for the cooperation,​ and here'​s ​to the future! -sirocyl
-  * [[meta:​contributing|Contributing to ReSwitched]] +
-  * [[meta:​faq|Frequently asked questions about ReSwitched]] +
-  * [[info:​faq|Frequently asked questions about the Nintendo Switch]] +
-  * [[meta:​guidelines|General guidelines ​for contributing to the wiki]] +
-  * [[hardware:​start|Hardware used by the Switch]] +
-  * [[software:​start|Software used on the Switch]] +
-  * [[hardware:​teardown|Teardown of the console'​s ​components]]+
-===== Available Namespaces ===== +''​2017-10-01'':​ We have announced several new releases ​[[octrelease|Read more »]]
-This is a list of all available namespaces. More details can be found [[start?​do=index|here]].+
-  * [[hacking:​start]]:​ This namespace is for documenting ReSwitched's progress in hacking the Nintendo Switch and the associated vulnerabilities.  +''​2017-03-13''​We are proud to announce ​[[https://​​|PegaSwitchRead more »]]
-  * [[hardware:​start]]:​ This namespace is for documenting the Nintendo Switch's hardware components, functionality,​ etc.  +
-  * [[info:start]]: This namespace is for general information about the Nintendo Switch and contains pages like the [[info:faq|FAQ]]. +
-  * [[meta:​start]]: This namespace is for pages concerning ReSwitched and its wiki. +
-  * [[software:​start]]:​ This namespace is for documenting the Nintendo Switch'​s software.+
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