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Nintendo Switch Teardown


Public Teardowns

Teardown Notes

  • There is a screw behind the kickstand that can easily be missed.
  • When removing the back cover, it's recommended to only remove the center screws from the Joy-Con rails on either side of the console, and leave the other screws in-place until the ribbon cables that run to the rails can be disconnected from the main board inside. This ensures the rails won't flop around (possibly damaging the ribbon cables and otherwise being annoying to handle) while the rest of the casing is removed.
  • Memory chip: Samsung KLMBG2JENB
  • Flash PCB is stuck to a metal shield with very strong double sided tape. A slow and steady pull seems to work best; evenly applying force from 2 to 3 sides of the PCB is recommended to reduce board flex and possible broken BGA balls.

Teardown Images

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