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Reswitched Discord Server

ReSwitched's primary method of communication between its members is its Discord server. Discord is a chat platform supporting multiple channels and user roles within the same server, much like IRC. Voice chat is also available, but ReSwitched primarily communicates through the text-based channels. If you wish to contribute to ReSwitched and join its Discord server, please see here.

Available Channels

  • #general: Channel for general discussion about the Nintendo Switch, ReSwitched, etc.
  • #news: Channel for posting important announcements, news, “press releases”, etc. by privileged users. Regular users will see this channel as read-only.
  • #news-discussion: Channel for discussion about news, announcements, etc. made in #news.
  • #off-topic: Channel for discussion between users that doesn't concern the Switch, ReSwitched, or any related topics.


Discord allows separating users into specific roles that server staff can decide. ReSwitched has several different roles for users:

  • Bot: As their name implies, robots. These aren't real users and serve various functions.
  • Docteam: ReSwitched wiki moderators; if you have a documentation request, have found issues on the wiki, or anything else concerning the wiki, feel free to ask these users.
  • Moderator: ReSwitched Discord moderators; these users are tasked with enforcing the rules.
  • Private: Users who have shown their merit, skills, experience, etc. and can be trusted with privileged information. If you think you're eligible for this role, see here.
  • Wizards: These users are essentially administrators (or owners) and have access to the Discord server's settings.


Currently, rules for this Discord server are pretty lax; if you respect each channel's purpose and aren't hostile or abusive to users, you should be fine. However, we do have some specific rules that must be followed:

  • Absolutely no piracy. There is a zero-tolerance policy and we will enforce this strictly and swiftly.
  • Don't be hostile to other users, cause drama, etc. The specifics of this are left to the discretion of the Wizards.
  • Please read the channel topic and pinned messages, they provide important information about the channel and its goings-ons. Staying on topic is a must for constructive discussion.
  • If you need help using Discord, don't hesitate to ask in #general or #off-topic, we're here to help where we can.
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