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Error Codes

This is a list of known error codes found on the Switch.

007-2073Could Not Detect an SD Card.
2001-0125 1)Executed svcCloseHandle on main-thread handle
2002-6063 2)Attempted to read eMMC CID from browser?
2005-0003“You are unable to download software.”
2110-1000 to 2110-1999General connection error.
2110-2900 through 2110-2999General connection error.
2110-2000 through 2110-2899General connection error.
2110-3400General connection error.
2162-0002General userland crash
2164-0020Error starting software.
2168-0000 3)Illegal opcode.
2168-0001 4)Resource/Handle not available.
2168-0002 5)Segmentation Fault.
2168-0003 6)Memory access must be 4 bytes aligned.
2811-5001General connection error.
1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6)
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